Rev. Franklin Graham Decision America Tour, NY 2016"

Wow! God had opened this amazing door for me to interview Rev. Franklin Graham for my TV Show “Inspired Blessings with Jean Marie Prince.” Everything went smoothly, praise God! We had three bus loads from my church, Smithtown Gospel Tabernacle that were excited to pray with Rev. Franklin Graham. I also interviewed my Pastor Gary Zarlengo, his wife Diane and many more on the bus ride. The ride to the “Decision America Tour” with Rev. Franklin Graham.  


#2 TV Guests on "Inspired Blessings with Jean Marie Prince"

Pastor Donald Havrilla


  • Guest Pastor Donald Havrilla on “Inspired Blessings with Jean Marie Prince.” He is the Pastor of Southampton Full Gospel Church. Pastor Havrilla has the conviction that the whole gospel should be preached or many will be deceived! If you are a Christian, do you know the whole gospel? 
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Guest Annemarie Davin


Guest Annemarie Davin on “Inspired Blessings with Jean Marie Prince.”Annemarie was in a car accident and had a near death experience that she wanted to share. Do you believe that there is an after life? Well Annemarie will share what happened to her! She is also the CEO of Fame Hampton. 

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Guest Lou Comunale


  • Guest Lou Comunale on “Inspired Blessings with Jean Marie Prince.” Founder of which shares news that the secular news stations tries to suppress! What is really happening to the rights of Christians and to the American people? 
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Rob interviews author Jean Marie Prince


  • Guest R. R. on “Inspired Blessings with Jean Marie Prince.”  Rob interviews Jean Marie in celebration of her 50th Show “Inspired Blessings with Jean Marie Prince.” She shares her amazing testimony and how God wants her to inspire the world with love, faith and hope! 
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Guest Mark Kelly


  • Guest Mark Kelly on “Inspired Blessings with Jean Marie Prince.”  Mark was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. He shouldn’t be alive today but God had different plan! He is the founder of CK MAGIC SPORTS. He had a long history in sports journalism, analysis and research for ESPN. 
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Guest Singer Emi Pellegrino


  • Emi shares her passion for singing. I am blessed that she sings four of my songs on my Cd Album “Inspired Blessings” Songs with Jean Marie Prince. “For I Am Not Even Born” is about a baby talking to its mother to let them live!   and 
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