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Author Jean Marie Prince Speaks at Center Moriches UMC

Author / Songwriter Jean Marie Prince spoke at the “Women’s Brunch & Teacup exchange”: Garments of Praise for 2018 at the Center Moriches United Methodist Church. 

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129th Celebration! Lisa Cooper Interviews Jean Marie Prince


  • 129th TV Episode Celebration! Guest Lisa Cooper founded The Bridge connection interviews Jean Marie Prince an author, songwriter, inspirational writer and TV Host of "Inspired Blessings with Jean Marie Prince." Abandoned at two days old in a public bathroom in Seoul, Korea, God saved her both physically and spiritually. Also Jean Marie takes a huge leap of faith with no prior experience and continues to see the miracle of the Holy Spirit at work in her life!  

Press Release


Author Jean Marie Prince from Long Island, New York has released a book called “Inspired Blessings” Led by God to Inspire the World with Love, Faith and Hope.” One day in the fall of 2010 she was walking in a parking lot and possibly thinking about her “Inspired Blessings” which at that time was a series of inspirational poems. All of a sudden she heard, “Do the book!” Jean Marie immediately responded, “You’re right!”  God spoke to her and she took a leap of faith. She had no formal writing experience and did not have any college training. A year later she self-published her book and she gives thanks to God for inspiring her. 

UPDATE: Songwriter Jean Marie Prince produced a CD Album called “Inspired Blessings” Songs by Jean Marie Prince in 2015. Since 2013 Jean Marie has been producing her Christian TV Talk Show on Cable TV and as of 2016 on FIOS TV as well. She has also been sharing her amazing testimony at churches, TV, radio and many additional venues. As of 2017, she released her second CD Album with God’s help. In February 2017, she started her inspiring greeting card line. As of June 2017, Jean Marie signed a contract with Blue Mountain Arts Greeting Card Company to license 16 of her writings to them for their cards. I hope you see the miracle in all of this since she had no prior experience in any of this! 

Jean Marie further explains the journey that God has given her. When she was only two days old, she was abandoned in a bathroom in Seoul, Korea. Jean Marie believes it was only through the grace of God that she was found and that she was saved for this very purpose. In her book there are four themes: (1) the story behind “Inspired Blessings”, the process and miracles; (2) Jean Marie’s life story – the trials,  blessings and her faith; (3) she takes 40 inspirations and why she was inspired to write them (Columbine High School Killings, September 11th, suicide, bullying, searching for hope, losing loved ones, firemen stories, dealing with addiction, faith being tested and so on); and (4) Jean Marie interviews 14 people and puts their true stories of trials and blessings in the book. These four topics are all intertwined within “Inspired Blessings” Led by God to Inspire the World with Love, Faith and Hope.  She has had a lot of readers telling her that the book is excellent!  Also in the first year when her book came out, Jean Marie was given an Indie Excellence Finalist Award for “Short Stories 2012” which was a national contest. She feels that God blessed her with the talent to write.  Jean Marie’s readers informed her that it gave them hope since it is a scary world right now.  It also increased their faith where it was lacking. 


From the beginning, Jean Marie created a series of YouTubes –32 videos (Inspired Blessings) in which she speaks about her experiences with the book and has many people following her along this journey to this day. She has already done some TV interviews and with some possible TV interviews being discussed for 2014.  Jean Marie has done some Blog Radio Shows and was interviewed on WLIX with Pastor Richard Anderson. Her story has also been written in the Smithtown Messenger twice, a full page article in the Smithtown News in the Dimensions for Living newspaper and some other articles as well. Jean Marie has also done more than a dozen book signings and many speaking engagements already. There are many people dealing with trials in their life and wondering is there hope? She knows that God wants her to inspire the world with love, faith and hope! 

The book and CD Album is available at the author’s website:; an eBook, hard cover and soft cover is also available; or On the author’s website, original 8” x 10” unframed photographed inspirational prints are available. At one time these inspirations were sold in over 60 stores including a Hallmark store but with the event of September 11th, Jean Marie put this on hold. She has imagined an “Inspired Blessings” greeting card line that will be unique. There are so many possibilities of different product lines to spread the message of love, faith and hope! Jean Marie will tell you without a shadow of doubt that she never would have imagined that this all could have been possible. She is very humble in pointing out that without God’s help this would have never happened!

Please contact Jean Marie Prince at or 631-361-6926 if you would like to speak to her in regards to a speaking engagement, fundraiser, book signing, interviews or a different venue. 

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