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  • In January 2016, we were on our way to Washington D.C. for the March for Life — our cars were packed, our hotel rooms were booked. The night before we left, I got a message from a pro-lifer who was to speak in Washington at the March. she told me not to come because a huge snow was taking over Washington and many who were already there were leaving the area. We were so disappointed. Many who were going by bus, told me the buses were canceled. We were all disappointed. I began to pray and the Lord answered me and told me to have an MFL New York. this was January 24, 2016. I began to work day and night, and on April 30, 2016, we had our first March for Life N.Y.  April 29th 2017  we marched again from Brookhaven town hall to Bald hill . We are now preparing to join together on the steps of our Capital to March for Life New York 2018 in Albany.
  •  http://marchforlifeny.org/

What is on your mind about abortion?"

March for Life, NY April 29th,2017 – TV Host Jean Marie Prince “What is on Your Mind About Abortion?” https://www.facebook.com/march4lifeNY/ 

Pastors Jim and Joni Lupis on "Inspired Blessings...."

 Guests Pastors Jim and Joni Lupis on "Inspired Blessings with Jean Marie Prince," Pastors of Grace & Truth Church in Coram, NY. They will be starting the first March for Life NY which will be on April 30, 2016. Find out why they are so passionate about Pro-life! It looks like many will be participating, will you be one of them? Please go to the Facebook page: March for Life New York- April 30th 2016 (LIKE) http://www.gracentruthchurch.com/ / 


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"Jean Marie Prince Greeting Cards" Review

Actors Jenn Gotzon Chandler and Jim E. Chandler Likes Jean Marie Prince Greeting Cards, yeah!

Pending Movie "The Farmer and The Belle" www.ChristmasComedyMovie.com

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'Inspired Blessings' Led by God to Inspire...Reviews

Pastor Gary A. Zarlengo Senior Pastor of Smithtown Gospel Tabernacle, New York

I pray God’s rich blessing and favor on you and this endeavor to please God, advance His kingdom and minister encouragement, hope, comfort and life to many who will read this excellent book of your testimony and that of others whom God has placed in your life. He has blessed you with the gift of writing and poetry. What a wonderful tool to share how Jesus changes lives and our need to place our faith and trust in Him.

Rev. Todd Marshall Former Worship Pastor of Smithtown Gospel Tabernacle, New York

The title says it all! What an inspired read filled with blessings. From the stunning rescue of her life as a two day old baby to her own spiritual salvation Jean Marie’s personal story is marked with miracles. Only a person who has been so blessed could be motivated to seek out and write about the inspirational stories of others. I trust as you read this you will be inspired to be a blessing to all those around you. 

Ron Villano Licensed Psychotherapist, National Speaker & Author, The Zing TV and Radio Show Host

It is important to feed your mind with a well thought out balance of thought inspiring words. As a licensed psychotherapist, I know that spirituality is a necessary component toward healing the mind, body and soul. Jean Marie Prince has written an amazing collection of moving, heart-felt poems along with real down to earth stories, questions, and teachings based upon the Christian faith. Her book is simply a must-read for anyone looking to take a powerful spiritual and emotional journey toward a better self-discovery. 

Kevin Harney Partner, Principal & CFO Of Stalco Construction and B. M. of "Contractors For Kids"

'Inspired Blessings’ is truly an inspirational read, if ever you doubted that God speaks through us, just read this book and doubt no more. Jean Marie Prince captures the true essence of the human spirit and how with God’s help ‘all things are possible.’ For an author to capture such love, peace and true good in some very trying situations is truly amazing. After putting down the book, disappointed that it was over, it hit me: “How does God speak through me? And more importantly–am I listening?” 

Rev. Russell Sacco Pastor; President, Christiangram Ministries, Inc.,

“In the humble words of Jean Marie Prince, this book does not exist because of her writing skills. Instead, it evolved from a committed response to use her talents to bless others. This loving tapestry interwoven with threads of faith, combines Jean Marie’s poetic inspirations, her miraculous personal life events, and a select number of life-changing stories gleaned from independent interviews. Her unassuming acceptance of continued supernatural intervention, coupled with the importance of expressing daily gratitude, will lead readers to new levels of hope and encouragement. In short, this published volume positively exemplifies that ‘. . . with God, all things are possible.’” 

Donna Drake; Executive Producer and Host of the Live It Up TV Show, Empowering & Enjoying...

“Inspired Blessings” is a must read for anyone looking to tap into the essence of life. Jean Marie Prince is a conduit for God’s messages. So open your eyes, ears and your heart to receive the blessings this book brings! 

"Inspired Blessings" Songs by Jean Marie Prince

Provided to YouTube by CDBaby  My Life Is in Your Hands · Jean Marie Prince · Naomi Pierro  Inspired Blessings Songs By Jean Marie Prince  ℗ 2015 Jean Marie Prince

Second "Inspired Blessings" Songs by Jean Marie Prince

Provided to YouTube by CDBaby  My Life Is in Your Hands · Jean Marie Prince · Naomi Pierro  Inspired Blessings Songs By Jean Marie Prince  ℗ 2015 Jean Marie Prince

Pending "Little 'Inspired Blessings' God's Delightful Child"

Update: Pending Christian children's book called 'Little 'Inspired Blessings' God's Delightful Child!" by Jean Marie Prince.  This will be a read and sing along children's book, praise God!

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