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  • In January 2016, we were on our way to Washington D.C. for the March for Life — our cars were packed, our hotel rooms were booked. The night before we left, I got a message from a pro-lifer who was to speak in Washington at the March. she told me not to come because a huge snow was taking over Washington and many who were already there were leaving the area. We were so disappointed. Many who were going by bus, told me the buses were canceled. We were all disappointed. I began to pray and the Lord answered me and told me to have an MFL New York. this was January 24, 2016. I began to work day and night, and on April 30, 2016, we had our first March for Life N.Y.  April 29th 2017  we marched again from Brookhaven town hall to Bald hill . We are now preparing to join together on the steps of our Capital to March for Life New York 2018 in Albany.
  •  http://marchforlifeny.org/

Pastors Jim and Joni Lupis on "Inspired Blessings...."

 Guests Pastors Jim and Joni Lupis on "Inspired Blessings with Jean Marie Prince," Pastors of Grace & Truth Church in Coram, NY. They will be starting the first March for Life NY which will be on April 30, 2016. Find out why they are so passionate about Pro-life! It looks like many will be participating, will you be one of them? Please go to the Facebook page: March for Life New York- April 30th 2016 (LIKE) http://www.gracentruthchurch.com/ / 

What is on your mind about abortion?"

March for Life, NY April 29th,2017 – TV Host Jean Marie Prince “What is on Your Mind About Abortion?” https://www.facebook.com/march4lifeNY/ 

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About the Book


Have you ever lost a loved one and didn’t know how to find peace? Wondered why life is consumed with so much violence and destruction? Asked if God is real and does He provide a meaning for our existence? Do you have the answers for the souls that are searching, or are you searching as well?

Throughout this book, you will see how God has blessed me to be an inspirational writer, read stories of how God saved me both physically and spiritually, and learn the stories behind the forty plus inspirations that are included with over fourteen true stories. I take these four categories: the beginning process of these inspirations; stories behind the inspirations; my life story; true stories from others, and intertwine them throughout the book. 

You will read about individuals who have witnessed God’s miracles in their lives. 

The book is meant to flow from front to back, from one inspiration to the next. This is a book of substance, written to help readers face the trials and temptations that await us all!  

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