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  • The AMT Children of Hope Baby Safe Haven Foundation was founded by members of the Ambulance Medical Technicians of the Nassau County Police Department. After a series of cases of infanticide in Nassau County, the emotional impact began taking its toll, on ourselves as well as the community. We sought a level of closure, peace and hope. Looking after these unfortunate victims of a society gone astray through a dignified burial gave us a sense of healing from this pain. We turned our focus toward the despondent people who would commit such a horrible desperate act. Our effort to enlighten these people to other means of solving their problems is the driving force of the Foundation.
  • Without regard to race, color, age, creed or national origin and in the capacity as EMS providers, we will help save lives of infants who have been abandoned. We will act as a Safe Haven and accept newborns from a parent or guardian who wishes to relinquish custody. We will refer to the appropriate government agencies and other non-profit social service agencies capable of providing advice and counsel to pre- and postpartum persons if the need arises.Arrangement is made for the dignified burials of abandoned and unclaimed deceased infants or children, alone or in conjunction with appropriate governmental agencies or other charitable organizations...

Tim Jaccard & Langford Family on "Inspired Blessings..."

Guests Tim Jaccard, Shirwin and Karen and baby Jaxson Langford on "'Inspired Blessings' with Jean Marie Prince." Tim Jaccard works for the Nassau County Police as a Medic for over 37 years. In 1988 he was the author of the original Baby Safe Haven Bill known as the "Infant Abandonment Protection Act." Then in the same year he founded the Children of Hope Baby Safe Haven Program, the first of its kind in the country. 

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'Inspired Blessings' Led by God to Inspire the World...


Description of the book.

Have you ever lost a loved one and didn’t know how to find peace? Wondered why life is consumed with so much violence and destruction? Asked if God is real and does He provide a meaning for our existence? Do you have the answers for the souls that are searching, or are you searching as well?

Throughout this book, you will see how God has blessed me to be an inspirational writer, read stories of how God saved me both physically and spiritually, and learn the stories behind the forty plus inspirations that are included with over fourteen true stories. I take these four categories: the beginning process of these inspirations; stories behind the inspirations; my life story; true stories from others, and intertwine them throughout the book. 

You will read about individuals who have witnessed God’s miracles in their lives. 

The book is meant to flow from front to back, from one inspiration to the next. This is a book of substance, written to help readers face the trials and temptations that await us all!  

"Inspired Blessings" CD Albums by Jean Marie Prince

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