98) Tragedy In Our Nation

“Tragedy In Our Nation” by Jean Marie Prince

Please listen to the following prophecies that God gave to this lady and I feel she is creditable.  Click> URGENT!!  2015 is the BEGINNING of the END! ~ Reb…: http://youtu.be/WkJV9jmgiMw
America became great not because “We the people” but because God blessed us then  ”We the people” in return made America great! George Washington was the first President of America and promised God that “We the people” would follow His ways and in return God would bless America. He also said that if we stop following Your ways our blessings will then be cursed or judged! (In the book “The Harbinger” by Jonathan Cahn) At that time he made the promise and was sworn in as the first President in the Capital City of America which at that time was “Ground Zero.”  God told Rabbi Jonathan Cahn that He took the protection off America starting with 9/11th; first judgment and many had followed since then like the many stock market crashes. The intensity (look at the weather) of the judgments will increase if we don’t repent as individuals and as a nation for God to come back into our nation! America has become so proud and going against God’s will that “We the people” are going to be judged like never before! Many Christian leaders are saying that America is the “Mystery Babylon” in the Bible that God destroys because of the pride and arrogance of that nation and also for not following His will. Politicians are just interested in how much money and power that they can get from the American people, they are not out for our best interest! Unlike the founding Presidents in the past who followed God’s instructions. The Bible says, you will know when the end is near when what use to be wrong will now be right and right is wrong. Just turn on the news and that is exactly what is happening! But God is a loving, merciful and yet He can’t let sin go unpunished since He is a Holy God and a jealous God! “We the people” are worshiping other Gods! I am posting this to warn America and so the younger generations will not pay for our mistakes! But we as their parents need to let them know that God is real and that in the Bible John 3:16 is a fact. God wants His children to show Him devotion and respect by following His will. Isn’t that the same thing we ask from our children? God will not force His will upon us and we have the free will to choose Him or the evil one. That is why we stand in judgment for the sins of our nation!
May God bless you to listen to His warning! He doesn’t want to destroy us but we are allowing Him. There is still HOPE but not sure how much time is left! Repent and continually pray for our nation!

I am starting a conference call once a week to “Pray for America.” You are all invited and it will start Monday, June 22nd from 9:00 pm – 9:30 pm and every Monday thereafter. There may be one person to who knows how many, but at least I am doing my part in trying to delay God’s judgment upon America! Who will join with me in prayer? Please email me at inspiredblessings@gmail.com for the conference call number. I hope you will take the step of faith to protect your family!

God Bless,

Jean Marie Prince


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