“The Harbinger” by Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. God told him to write this book to warn America the pending doom. He wrote about the past history of America which are true events and future events that will happen. 9/11, Wall Street (stock market crashes)… If we as individuals and as a nation do not repent and ask God to come back into our country, we will witness worse things like never before! God told him that He has taken the protection away from our nation at this time. Please watch this short video clip on TV Show “Inspired Blessings with Jean Marie Prince” because you will be amazed at what was revealed in the book. Rabbi Cahn has said that politicians in Capital Hill are reading this book and some are starting to pray for our nation. Remember nobody believed Noah and look what happened! We need to wake up America because our children will be living the consequences of our action or no action. Love them enough to take action! Repent and pray for our politicians to do the right thing. Also that the Supreme Court would make their decisions based on the wisdom of God. If we as a nation do not do these things, the judgement of God’s hand will be on all of us. PLEASE REPENT and PRAY FOR AMERICA! 
Please watch> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcQiv1U0nlY  (short video clip on TV Show “Inspired Blessings with Jean Marie Prince”)


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