Rose Sacco and husband Rev. Russ Sacco with Jean Marie Prince

Rose Sacco and husband Rev. Russ Sacco with Jean Marie Prince

This blog may be long to read but it is worth it
if you ever questioned, what happens after we die?



How many of us wonder if this world is it? And how many of us even care if there is something more? I have had this discussion with acquaintances, good friends and family members. Some have puzzled me with their care free attitude of don’t care and don’t want to know!

I know that everyone has the free will to take that stand. But as time lapsed from this discussion, changes in their lives have made them revisit it out of despair. Trials, heavy burdens, addictions, and loss of life can make you hope that there is something greater.

Through my soul searching, researching and not knowing the truth, I was finally able to take a stand for the truth. I wasn’t always a believer in God or that Jesus Christ was the Son of God. I only believed out of habit every weekend, out of guilt. If hell was actually real, I did not want to go there!  But if heaven was a real place then I wanted my name in the “Book of Life.” This book is the most important in the Kingdom of God. In the Bible God says, anyone who receives and accepts my Son, Jesus Christ (John 3:16) is written in the “Book of Life.” You see everyone’s name is written there until they deny the truth and then their name gets blotted out.

When someone’s loved one passes away, now they are open to finding out if there is an afterlife. So I am sharing a true story from my editor of my book “’Inspired Blessings’ Led by God to Inspire the World with Love, Faith and Hope. He has become a friend and a real blessing in my life. I was speaking with Russ the other night to edit something for me. My blogs aren’t edited so don’t blame him, sorry!

I met Russ’ wife, Rose at my first book signing event and she was sweet and quiet. But you could tell that she supported her husband in what he did. So being that Russ edited my book, Rose came and supported both of us. There are people sometimes in the background supporting but not needing to be noticed. With Rose, I could tell that she would do anything for you. She had such a serving heart. Russ new that better than anyone else!

So this is a true story that was written by Russ about the events of Rose’s death about his granddaughter Abigail who witnessed the afterlife of an amazing woman. This story gave me chills and my girlfriend, who I also e-mailed this to. She got the chills as well. Kim even asked me why I did not put this story in my book and I told her it happened around a year after my book came out.

This story proves to me and others who had the not caring attitude, like my girlfriend who loss her father is there an afterlife? Possibly, yes! Almost three years later she still wants to know the truth about the afterlife. This story has given her hope that one day she will see her father. Many things have happened to her in the spiritual sense that has given her comfort when the ache in her heart was deep! So if you loss someone or you had that not caring attitude, please read this with an open mind that maybe it is possible that life just does not end here!  God Bless, Jean Marie Prince




We have been comforted by knowing where Rose is because God has given us many positive, uplifting signs. The greatest is an eyewitness account from Abigail, our youngest granddaughter, who turned two October 5th (our 43rd wedding anniversary). She was with Rose at the time of her departure. Testimony from an innocent child spoken in simple words cannot be disputed. Abigail started talking about that moment several days after the funeral. She was in a store with her mom, Christine and just started talking. I’m sharing the entire account along with my perspective because it honors God and builds faith.

Abigail said, “Grandma crying.” Christine asked, “What did you say?”Abigail repeated, “Grandma crying.” Christine asked, “Why is Grandma crying; what did you do?” Abigail said, “Kissed her.” Christine asked, “Where was Grandma?” Abigail answered, “By the window.” Christine asked, “What was Grandma doing by the window?” Abigail answered, “Grandma flying.” Then Abigail said, “Two angels.” She then repeated several times, “Abby not scared, Abby not scared.” Abigail then said, “Grandma smiling.” When Christine or her father, Mark, ask her where Grandma is, Abigail says, “Grandma’s home.”

Abigail does not mean our physical house because she’s been here and doesn’t ask for Grandma. She again, weeks later, pointed to the ceiling. Mark asked what she was pointing at, and she said, “Grandma flying.” She also reiterates, “Grandma’s home” anytime she is asked, Where’s Grandma? This has been God’s greatest expression of comfort to us all, and it is by no means the only sign we received – space prohibits more here.

Years ago, I renewed wedding vows for a wonderful couple: Maria and Nelson Torres. Nelson is with the Lord now, and Maria shared a dream with us a day after hearing of Rose’s departure. She saw Rose in the room holding Abigail, saw her put Abby down in her bed for a nap, and Maria said she saw “two angels” coming into the room.

I was downstairs when all this occurred at our son’s house. If I put the statements of this dream together with what Abby said, and what I personally heard and experienced that day, here is what I believe happened.

Rose was seated in the rocking chair in Abby’s room waiting for her to fall asleep for her nap. I heard Abby’s footsteps, which meant she got out of bed. They stopped shortly thereafter, and I believe Rose got up to get her, picked her up, and as she was putting her back into bed, Rose felt something happening in her body. She started to cry and kissed Abigail (Abby said, “Grandma crying;” “Kissed her.”). Rose then turned to sit in the chair, did not call out for me downstairs, but assumed the problem would pass. I then heard Abigail walking the full length of the upstairs hallway. I got up, went to the foot of the stairs and saw Abigail at the top coming out of her sister’s room to the left of the landing. I told her she was supposed to be sleeping and asked where Grandma was. She tried to answer but had her pacifier in her mouth. I called for Rose on the stairway. I went up and continued to call out. I entered the room and saw Rose in the chair. She looked like she fell asleep. I called louder and tried to wake her. She had no pulse and wasn’t breathing.  I immediately ran for the phone to call 911. They asked many questions while I was on the phone and told me to place her on the floor to administer CPR. I was afraid of hurting her, but was able to manage. I breathed into her lungs and did the compressions. Ambulance volunteers arrived and took over. I went downstairs with Abby, and I prayed earnestly while holding a neighbor’s hand. I was encouraged when I heard the volunteers say Rose’s pulse and blood pressure returned. I thanked God for hearing my prayer, but in His Sovereignty, pulse and blood pressure were lost before reaching the hospital (less than 10 minutes away).

My daughter-in-law, Christine, said Abby might have run into her sister’s room because the window in that room is low, and she might have been looking for Grandma outside – she saw her fly through the front window of her room with two angels.

Rose and I did everything together, and she was always there for all of us; caring, encouraging, giving, and loving. She fought the good fight and ran her race. God knew her and sent angels to escort her into His Kingdom – into her heavenly reward. Rev. Russ Sacco


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Jean Marie Prince

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