Pending Movie Called “The Farmer and The Belle” – Christmas

"The Farmer and The Belle" is a family Christmas comedy movie about a NYC Supermodel who finds Real Love stranded on a Pig Farm over Thanksgiving. A  

Christmas Comedy Movie to be enjoyed for generations to come.

Hilarious family farm traditions; Pearls of wisdom are the best gift given. Looking for your support in helping this family friendly comedy movie project to be completed!

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Jenn Gotzon Chandler & Jim E. Chandler on Inspired Blessings

Second Episode: Guests are Jenn Gotzon Chandler and Jim E. Chandler on “Inspired Blessings with Jean Marie Prince.” 

Please Help Us to Make This Movie Come True!

Impact Culture! Bring the Real Love of Christmas for generations to come. Jesus!  

About the Book


Have you ever lost a loved one and didn’t know how to find peace? Wondered why life is consumed with so much violence and destruction? Asked if God is real and does He provide a meaning for our existence? Do you have the answers for the souls that are searching, or are you searching as well?

Throughout this book, you will see how God has blessed me to be an inspirational writer, read stories of how God saved me both physically and spiritually, and learn the stories behind the forty plus inspirations that are included with over fourteen true stories. I take these four categories: the beginning process of these inspirations; stories behind the inspirations; my life story; true stories from others, and intertwine them throughout the book. You will read about individuals who have witnessed God’s miracles in their lives. 

The book is meant to flow from front to back, from one inspiration to the next. This is a book of substance, written to help readers face the trials and temptations that await us all! 

  • Keep Inspired Blessings within arm’s reach, to help give you comfort when others are at a loss for words!

"Jean Marie Prince Greeting Cards" Review

Actors Jenn Gotzon Chandler and Jim E. Chandler Likes Jean Marie Prince Greeting Cards, yeah!

Pending Movie "The Farmer and The Belle"

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  • JOEL BUNKOWSKE - PRODUCER/EXEC PRODUCER oversees the business strategy for the family Christmas comedy movie "The Farmer and The Belle" including finance, distribution, copyright and legalities. 
  • Joel Bunkowske is an award winning attorney who works in the Christian film and music industries. He is the recipient of Grammy and Dove awards for his legal work in the music industry. He has worked with Academy Award nominated actors, Grammy and Dove award winning recording artists, and legendary producers. His areas of practice include film and music legal and business affairs; film production and global distribution; contracts, dispute resolution and University teaching.
  • Summer 2017, Joel Bunkowske's movie Priceless distributed by Universal Studios just received three Dove Awards nominations for inspirational movie, artist and song. 



JENN GOTZON CHANDLER - PRODUCER is the story creator for the "The Farmer and The Belle" inspired by her and Jim's real love story and their time on his farm. 

Award winning film actress, Jenn Gotzon Chandler, had her career break portraying President Nixon’s daughter, Tricia Nixon, in Ron Howard's, 5-times Academy Award-nominated film Frost/Nixon. Gotzon is the star of many family movies available on Amazon including 2 Oscar-Nominated films, the top grossing faith-based comedy Love Different and won awards for Doonby, God's Country, Julie and Jack, The Sacred Eternal, The Good Book and Unbridled. 2017 releases include: My Daddy’s In Heaven, Forgiven, Sinking Sand, Shelter and Saving Faith.

Jenn Gotzon Chandler is appearing on billboards across China as the spokesmodel for China's celebrity makeup artist Brother Zhen. “Gotzon Chandler is the Meryl Streep of Christian movies,” claims faith & family distributor Keith Rostowski. "Gotzon reveals character with an extraordinary emotional range better than almost anyone in Hollywood today," states leading faith & family critic Ted Baehr, Movieguide.  

Gotzon Chandler’s passion is to impact and inspire audiences through the protagonist roles she plays on-screen. Jenn Gotzon Chandler is overjoyed to be making "The Farmer and The Belle" into a funny Christmas movie for families to enjoy as a tradition every Thanksgiving and Christmas season for generations to come.

 "The Farmer and The Belle" Christmas Comedy Movie, Online Fundraiser fundraising ideas



  • JIM E. CHANDLER - PRODUCER is producing the "The Farmer and The Belle." Chandler is an award winning actor with a commanding screen and stage presence. 
  • Jim E. Chandler's career highlights include Netflix’s hit show Stranger Things, NBC’s Game of Silence, Lifetime's Drop Dead Diva and a regular feature spot on the Investigation Discovery network. 
  • Chandler began his career starring in viral YouTube hits like Cardboard Warfare 2, Mega Man X, and several others approaching 10 million views. In 2012, Jim landed his first feature film role in Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies. Jim began working in the faith-based market where he met his wife Jenn on Sinking Sand. Since 2014, they have starred in over 13 projects together including romantic comedy Saving Faith releasing 2017 by Lionsgate.
  • Chandler’s extensive production experience from producer to PA provides him logistical abilities to problem solve and conquer any mountain presented during production. On the producing team for novel turn feature The Crickets Dance paved the way for production in Georgia for this family Christmas Comedy movie "The Farmer and The Belle."

Cristóbal Krusen - PROLIFIC DIRECTOR



  • Cristóbal Krusen - PROLIFIC DIRECTOR  for "The Farmer and The Belle," our family Christmas comedy movie. Cristóbal Krusen was born and raised in Tampa, Florida, the third of four children. Early in life, he showed a keen interest in literature, reading many of the classics while still in grade school and cherishing the ambition that one day he would become a writer. He entered Harvard University in 1971, majoring in English literature, intent on making his mark as a poet and novelist. A growing interest in photography and filmmaking, however, led him to transfer to New York University where he changed majors and graduated with a BFA in Film and Television in 1976. He later attended Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California where he received his MFA in Film in 1989. 
  • Cristóbal has won countless awards for his prolific storytelling as a director for thirty years, helming productions in more than twenty countries. He is best known for the award-winning films Final Solution, More Than Dreams, Undaunted and most recently, Sabina K
  • Over the last several years, he has also begun fulfilling his childhood dream of becoming a writer. Among his published works are Undaunted and They Were Christians. Working in multiple languages, Cristóbal is known for a poetic filmmaking style and the ability to draw intense and intimate performances from actors. Above all, he is a “story-teller” who delights to engage his audience while addressing the deepest needs of the human heart. For more info visit the filmmaker Cristobal Krusen and his film storytelling at his company Messenger Films..

Anthony Hackett - COMEDY DIRECTOR


  • Anthony Hackett - COMEDY DIRECTOR for the family Christmas comedy movie "The Farmer and The Belle" under the leadership of God, is an award winning director/ screenwriter  and the founder of SONset Friday Entertainment. For his directorial debut he surprised the faith-based film market with the intense Thriller, Crisis Call which garnered over 10 film festival award wins and nominations in both secular and faith-based festivals. He followed the success of that film with his comedy, Love Different starring Jenn Gotzon Chandler (God's Country, Doonby), The Late Tommy Ford (TV Series Martin, Harlem Knights) and himself. 
  • Anthony Hackett quickly became recognized for his comedic direction when Love Different went on to win multiple film festival awards and was ranked the  #1 selling comedy in 2016 on Christian Cinema Family Films (largest online retailer of Christian Films). 
  • Anthony Hackett's calling in life is to help people enjoy God. He lives and serves with his wife, 2 daughters and his dog. For more info visit on Anthony films for the family, visit 


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