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I hope you will be inspired as I have been inspired to share these blogs with you!


I discuss such topics as:


*The Truth About Your Life Passing by Without Your Notice!

*Why Is Standing Your Ground Really Worth The Fight?

*At Last, Do You Believe In Miracles?

*Have You Ever Loss A Loved One And Felt Lost?

*Are You Always Trying To Prove To Yourself Or Others

  That You Are Successful?

*Is The Bible True Or A Myth?

*Does Your Faith Increase When There Is A Trial?

*Have You Thought That A Goal Was Too Big To Accomplish?

*Adoption Is It A Feeling Of Rejection or The Right Thing To Do?

*Fear, Can Cripple Even The Strongest Man!

*What Does God and Oxygen Offer to Human Beings?


And Much More….


Just a heads up about my blogs: Please excuse the grammar (the spelling, quotation marks and it may even be grammatically incorrect) at times since I am weak in this area. But it is more important for me to get the message out than to not blog at all. You will see that I try to be real on my blogs and that I will be the first to admit that I am not perfect. Some of my blogs will be about what I might have experienced or what I have seen others experience. My blogs are about living life, the trials that some endure and what our purpose is; the meaning of life. I like to blog things that you make you wonder and for you to see if you are open to other possibilities.  


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