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I have been blessed to license 16 of my inspirations to the Blue Mountain Arts Greeting Cards Company.  It should be available in some of their stores throughout the United States by 2018. Please look for the name Jean Marie Prince and the blue butterfly logo on the back of their cards. If the cards are successful, Blue Mountain Arts will then have them available in all of their stores. I want to thank you in advance for any support, very much appreciated! 
Smithtown News did a nice article about “Jean Marie Prince Greeting Card,” thank you! > 

Jean Marie Prince
Greeting Cards

 Thank you for reading my updates, I appreciate it! Please go to the retail stores where “Jean Marie Prince Greeting Cards” are available>  https://jeanmarieprince.com/shop/online/retail-stores-jmp-greeting-cards/  I hope you stop by and decide to tell others, how special they are with these cards. Please LIKE my Facebook page Inspired Blessings to get updates. Thank you so much for your support, I appreciate it very much! 🙂


Please scroll all the way down to purchase “Jean Marie Prince Greeting Cards” Packages. Also “JMP” Butterfly attachment prices are available further towards the bottom of page. 
All Original Inspirations and Photographs by Jean Marie Prince 
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JMP Butterfly Attachment
“Hang it!”




Inside card of “Son-in-law You Are Loved”
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  “Christmas Cards by Jean Marie Prince” Sold in Combined Packs of 12 Cards with 12 Envelopes
(Six of “Christ Time” and Six of “Baby Jesus To Be Born”)
Limited Time:  Scroll all the way down for special Christmas Discount prices starting at 40%  off or more per card,  “Christ Time” and “Baby Jesus To Be Born” Christmas Cards.  Retails at ($5.97 each)


These are the follow categories to choose from, you can CLICK on them to view:  Volume 1 – Touched by Love! / Volume 2 – God’s Blessings! / Volume 3 – Struggles in Life! / Volume 4 – Inspired! / Volume 5 – Caring Hearts! / Volume 6 – Losing a Love One! / Volume 7 – Beautiful Spirits! / Volume 8 – Events in Our Lives! 


Please Click and Print Order Form> Launch PDF file.  (Only print the first four pages, thank you). When you place the order of the different packages through Paypal, please email me the numbers and titles of the “Jean Marie Prince Greeting Cards” to inspiredblessings@gmail.com. You can hold the order form for future orders. After the order is confirmed through Paypal, I will start to fulfill it. If you do not have the capability to email me the list, please call me at 631-361-6926. Please call me if you have any technical issues, thank you so much!


This is the list below of the available cards ready for purchase so far. This will be updated from time to time.

Volume 1) 12 – Celebration Of Love (Anniversary) / 33 – God’s Tender Care (Wedding) / 51 – Love Of My Life (Husband or Wife) / 24 – Engagement—The Promise To Love / 47 – Life Gave Me Something Unexpected (You!)

Volume 2) 4-Adoption / 30-God’s Blessings (Baby) / 74 – Our Granddaughter’s Sweetness / 72-Our Daughter’s Love / 75-Our Precious Son

Volume 3) 22-Ending One’s Own Life Hurts Differently / 23-Ending Your Life Isn’t The Answer / 27-For I Am Not Even Born (Contemplating Abortion) / 29 – God, Give Me Your Strength (Addiction) / 43-Let Hope Enter Into Your Heart (Trials) / 117-My Baby Wasn’t Planned! (Conversation with God, Abortion)

Volume 4) 15 -Christ Time / 116 – Baby Jesus To Be Born

Volume 5) 86-The Badge Of Honor (Police Officer) / 73-Our Fireman / 70 – Nurses Are Like Angels / 21 – EMTs & Paramedics — Our Life Savers / 100 – Volunteering Begins In The Heart / 35-Good Friends Are Like Family / 9 – Blessed Presence (A Very Special Person) / 78 – Pastor’s Calling

Volume 6) 81-Reunited With God (Sympathy)

Volume 7) 26-Father’s Presence / 54-Mother’s Presence / 62-My Grandmother’s Unfailing Love / 50 – Loving Daughter-In-Law / 83 – Son-In-Law You Are Loved / 65-My Husband’s Wonderful Mother

Volume 8) 8-Bless Our Home / 69-New Path In Life / 80 – Retirement—A Dream Come True / 114B-We Should Praise The Lord (Birthday)

If there is a particular title that you would like that isn’t on this list, I am willing to make it available if you purchase 10 of that same card. You can email me at inspiredblessings@gmail.com for the request first to confirm before purchasing the packages.


These are the different packages to choose from> 5, 15, 25 and up is at a level price. The prices below are only for online customers.
Only available for purchase in the United States, Domestic shipping only.


5 cards at $22.50 ($4.50 each) order at >

15 cards at $63.75 ($4.25 each) order at >

25 cards at $100.00 ($4.00 each) order at >



New “Christmas Cards by Jean Marie Prince” Sold in Packs of 12 Cards with 12 Envelopes

(Six of “Christ Time” and Six of “Baby Jesus To Be Born”)
Limited Time: New “Christmas Cards by Jean Marie Prince” Sold in Packs of 12 Cards with 12 Envelopes (Six of “Christ Time” and Six of “Baby Jesus To Be Born”)


1 – Pack of 12 Cards/12 Envelopes  (Retail price is $5.97 each x 12 pcs. = $71.64)
40% Discount / $3.58 each  = Total $42.96 > 

2 – Packs of 24 Cards/ 24 Envelopes  (Retail price is $5.97 each x 24 pcs. = $143.28)
43% DISCOUNT / $3.40 EACH  = TOTAL $81.60 > 

3- Packs of 36 Cards/ 36 Envelopes  (Retail price is $5.97 each x 36 pcs. = $214.92)
46% DISCOUNT / $3.22 EACH  = TOTAL $115.92 > 

4- Packs of  48 Cards/ 48 Envelopes  (Retail price is $5.97 each x 48 pcs. = $286.56)
49% DISCOUNT / $3.04 EACH  = TOTAL $145.92 > 

5- Packs of  60 Cards/ 60 Envelopes  (Retail price is $5.97 each x 60 pcs. = $358.20)
52% DISCOUNT / $2.87 EACH  = TOTAL $172.20 > 

6- Packs of  72 Cards/ 72 Envelopes  (Retail price is $5.97 each x 72 pcs. = $429.84)
55% DISCOUNT / $2.69 EACH  = TOTAL $193.68 > 

7- Packs of  84 Cards/ 84 Envelopes  (Retail price is $5.97 each x 84 pcs. = $501.48)
58% DISCOUNT / $2.51 EACH  = TOTAL $210.84 > 

8- Packs of  96 Cards/ 96 Envelopes  (Retail price is $5.97 each x 96 pcs. = $573.12)
61% DISCOUNT / $2.33 EACH  = TOTAL $223.68 > 

If you would like to order more than 96 “Jean Marie Prince Christmas Greeting Cards,” please email me at inspiredblessings@gmail.com. It will still be sold in packs of 12s and would be at the lowest price of $2.33 for each card. I will then make an “Add to Cart” button for your purchase on this page. Once your purchase is processed on Paypal, I will then fill the order. If you have any questions, please email me and in the subject line (Question about JMP Greeting Cards). Thank you for your order and support in advance!


  “JMP ” Butterfly Attachment – Hangs Card! 

JMP Butterfly Attachment
“Hang it!”


5 B. A. at $2.50 ( .50 each)

15 B. A. at $6.75 ( .45 each)

25 B. A. at $10.00 ( .40 each)

If you want more than 25 cards or 25 butterfly attachments, the price would be at $4.00 each card / .40 cents each butterfly attachment at this level price. You will need to contact me for the order since I will have to make an add to cart button for your purchase. Please email me at inspiredblessings@gmail.com to let me know, what you would like to order. Also don’t forget to print the PDF Form that is above to fill the list of cards you want
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