New Year’s Eve 2016 Prophetic Message From
Senior Pastor Gary Zarlengo of Smithtown Gospel Tabernacle, NY  


Many people are wondering what is happening in our world and our nation today. People have been sharing visions, dreams and prophetic messages that they felt that the Holy Spirit has given them. Sometimes, I am hesitant to believe everything that I hear. But however, I am posting a prophetic message given by Senior Pastor Gary Zarlengo on New Year’s Eve of 2016. God has blessed him in sharing this prophetic message that the Holy Spirit gave him to prepare us for this coming year! I know him to be a man of God and trust worthy in what the Holy Spirit is telling him to share. This is the only reason why I am posting it. 

I also listen to Rick Wiles on TruNews which is an uncensored Christian news station. Highly recommend it, to understand the truth of what is really happening in our world! Individuals have questioned me about Jesus being true and is the Bible true. Honestly, I know the truth and received the truth but many are hesitant! I highly recommend listening to Ravi Zacharias, he is the number one apologetics in the world to defend the Christian faith. > He is on youtube, listen to him answer questions that you maybe having.

Many bad things are unraveling fast in our world and are you ready for Jesus? It is your free will to make the choice but research it before you say no. God loves all of us but He will not force His love upon us! 

John 3:16  For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

I attached a PDF of the prophetic message as well as giving you the video link to watch it. I hope you will share it with others.

Pastor Gary Zarlengo’s Prophetic Message for 2016 Video Message

Pastor Gary Zarlengo’s Prophetic Message for 2016 PDF Format MessageLaunch PDF file.

These are the snippets of the Seven Prophetic 2016 Message from Senior Pastor Gary Zarlengo:

Prophetic Word 1

My precious children this year will be a year of immediate results. Each significant choice you make will connect quickly with almost instant results. The face of outcome will arise swiftly with a little delay- consequence will unfold rapidly! Each decision you make, each choice you embrace, each step you take, will result in a swift outcome – a leap from A to Z!….more

Prophetic Word 2

This year has been ordained as a year of you bearing visible fruit in areas where you have been barren – as you commit in your heart to be fully connected to Me; you will surely bring forth fruit in a barren place! Though I am invisible I will bring forth invisible fruit in the barren areas of your life, as My Word declares of Me, “the King eternal, immortal, invisible.” Your invisible God will produce in you visible fruit!…more

Prophetic Word 3

My will, My will, My will is descending on the earth this coming year with great intensity and prevailing force! The bowl of intercession is running over and I the Lord God am responding to the tears of liquid prayer that fills this sacred bowl of intercession – therefore, the will of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit will come like a mighty wind, like a rapid water, like a blazing fire!…more

Prophetic Word 4

In this coming year, says the Lord, discernment must not be considered merely a convenience, but an absolute necessity! Many things will be quite different than how they appear; the container will hold a different content than what is anticipated or expected; many will be fooled and even grossly deceived! You cannot look simply through the lens of knowledge, logic, or past experience – you must rely heavily on the gift of discernment – a provision from Me that will protect you from deception…more

Prophetic Word 5

My precious children, as I speak this word to you, do not be afraid, but listen closely, and faith, not fear, will arise! An impossible situation will confront you in this coming year – it will be accompanied by a voice of intimidation attempting to own your thinking, understanding, and response. Persistently saying such things to you as: “Your good health is gone; this disease will take your life! Your job is over; you will be broke and destitute! Your marriage is dead; divorce is inevitable!…more

Prophetic Word 6

This year I will bring to fulfillment a desire that has been deep in your heart – a desire that was conceived in you many years ago. It is buried deep in you – it has remained in you for years and has seemingly grown old – a deep desire that has been a private hope and shared with few. You have often wondered if this desire would ever come to pass and be fulfilled – no one knows what I speak of better than you. So I say to you – this is the year! Yes – this is the year! I speak this to inspire you with anticipation and joy!…more

Prophetic Word 7

Behold My children a new year begins; a fresh anointing descends; a new fire ignited; a strong wind released; a new river flowing! The Spirit of the Lord will come upon you and anoint you to be like Jesus and reveal Him with intensity, boldness, power, and authority! I will place My passion in your heart; My name on your lips; My healing power in your…more


 Also after reading it, I hope you would realize how important it is to receive His love before it is too late!

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