Pending Christian Children's Book Promo by Jean Marie Prince

Pending Christian children's book called 'Little 'Inspired Blessings' God's Delightful Child" by Jean Marie Prince.  This will be a read and sing-along children's book, praise God!  Matthew 19:26  "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." Thank you for following me along this journey and for your support, God bless! 

"Little 'Inspired Blessings' God's Delightful Child"

Pending children's read and sing-along book  "'Little 'Inspired Blessings' God's Delightful Child" by Jean Marie Prince.

Melodies and lyrics by Jean Marie Prince,  producing songs with Joe D. guitarist at PMA Recording Studio, NY with the help of Paul Andrejack. Stay tuned!

Recording Charlie and Lina for Pending Children's Book.

Great day! Very blessed that Charlie and Lina sings on Cd Album "Little 'Inspired Blessings' God's Delightful Child." Praise God, they were awesome! Sample of song "Jump So High" by Jean Marie Prince    

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Update: Funny how God has you do something that would...

"Little 'Inspired Blessings' God's Delightful Child!" Read and Sing-along Children's Book.

Funny how God has you do something that would have never crossed your mind! Lol Recorded my Cd album last night, liking the way it is coming out. Thank you! #PMARecordingStudios #littleinspiredblessingsGodsdelightfulchild #songs #childrensbook Next step looking for #boy and #girl (#7to10yrsold) to #singalong with me. Still looking for #childrensillustrator  Please email me at if any interest, thank you. 

Pending read and sing-along children's book

Little 'Inspired Blessings' God's Delightful Child!

 At #PMARecordingStudios in Medford, NY with #PaulAndrejack and #JeanMariePrince, adding additional instruments to my pending read and sing-along children's book #littleinspiredblessingsGodsdelightfulchild. He is doing such a great job in helping me produce the Cd Album, which will be included with the children's book. The child can make this book to be all about them. Front cover allows you to include a special picture of them as well as their name. The text of the songs will have a line that you could add child's name. The Cd Album will have a pause in the song so you can sing child's name with them. If you have more than one child, they will want their own book. So hopefully, you don't have a lot of children between the ages of 0 - 8 years old. Lol Get ready to dance with them because you are going to have a lot of fun! These songs are also great life lessons on top of that, yeah!  

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