TV Show called “`Inspired Blessings with Jean Marie Prince"

TV Show called
“Inspired Blessings with Jean Marie Prince”

Press Release

New TV Show Called
“Inspired Blessings”
with Jean Marie Prince

(Nesconset, NY, April 2014). . . . Jean Marie Prince, author of “`Inspired Blessings’ Led by God to Inspire the World with Love, Faith and Hope,” is starting her own TV Show on local television throughout Long Island, NY.  The Show is called “Inspired Blessings” with Jean Marie Prince and will start airing the second week of April 2014 in Shelter Island, Suffolk and Nassau County with different days and times.  Viewers can find the viewing schedule at under the “TV Show” tab.  “Inspired Blessings” with Jean Marie Prince will air weekly.


When Jean Marie was only two days old, she was abandoned in a bathroom in Seoul, Korea.  She believes it was only through the grace of God that she was found and taken to Holt Orphanage.  She lived there for the first five years and was adopted by an American family.  She has been blessed with a family of her own and knows God saved her both physically and spiritually for this very purpose!  “`Inspired Blessings’ Led by God to Inspire the World with Love, Faith and Hope” by Jean Marie Prince was written because of a miracle.  In the fall of 2011, Jean Marie was walking in a parking lot and heard God tell her to “Do the book!”  She immediately responded, “You’re right; that makes sense!”  Without any formal writing experience or college education Jean Marie took the biggest leap of faith in her life.  Now, she has even topped that by starting her own TV Show without any formal experience.  God has blessed her with five volunteers to help her vision come true.   Jean Marie knew that she could not do this alone and God knows that too!


Jean Marie was inspired to do her TV Show because she feels led to inspire others with love, faith and hope.   She was very disheartened while watching the news last year and seeing many devastating things happen—mass destruction sometimes hard to fathom—accidents on local news that made her wonder, if it was someone she knew?  There are no guarantees these days that the world is safe.   She was thinking to herself, how many people must fear just walking out their front door?  Jean Marie believes that God does not want us to live in fear.  On the Show, Jean Marie Prince will be having different guests who have gone through trials they endured.  Yet in the end, they realized they were not alone and found faith through their situation.  Her guests will show how they were able to overcome devastating circumstances?  See what makes their stories different from the person who chooses to do it all alone.   When you are confronted with trials, has your faith increased or decreased?  You will see the miracles of the spiritual world around us!


Jean Marie will be having different guests including those with beautiful voices singing her original songs.  She was inspired with these songs when God allowed them freely flow out of her.  Jean Marie would carry a tape recorder just in case God would bless her with another inspired melody.   She had a musician from Israel compose her melodies and lyrics.  Her book and over 100 unframed photographed inspirational prints are available for purchase on her website at  You can download the free guide book called “ 7 Ways for ‘Inspired Blessings’ to Embrace You Every Day!” at


Jean Marie knows that there are a lot of people in need, whether for their health or trying to put food on their table.  This is why she will be having different organizations speak on behalf of how they help people.  Many in need are not aware that such services exist.  This will allow viewers to know how they may be able to benefit from these services.  In return the organizations will get more exposure and possibly more recognition for continued support.  Jean Marie feels this would be a win win situation for all!


I’m looking to connect with individuals (living in Long Island, New York) who have interesting true stories of how God has blessed them with miracles, near death experiences, attempted suicide (but God intervened)  and/or trials in their lives that God has helped them to overcome. Also if you started an organization that helps individuals and/or families. If you want to share these stories, please email me at I would like to hear about your story first to see if it would be a good fit for the Show. Please do not be scared to do this, it will be confidential. If I feel that I am interested in your story then with your permission, we can share it together. FYI – One of the stories in my book came from a request that I made on my Facebook. She was scared at first, I did not know her. But after her story was put in my book, she was so excited and felt that God blessed her to share her story. Her name is Eleanor Spring, page 95 in my book. Eleanor in the end ended up being a blessing to me and many others that read her story.  She had to overcome the challenges of an alcoholic, a gambler and a drug addicted husband while raising her children.  That is when her faith became a reality of the true existence of God in her life.


My life isn’t perfect, I am not perfect, and I have challenges just like everyone else. So please do not be afraid or embarrassed to share your story to me. I hope you will contact me.

Thank you so much for possibly being a part of a bigger picture!

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