Partner with Inspired Blessings Products Online Fundraiser

The information below explains how the fundraiser works. Please click on one of the active fundraisers to get an idea what your page may look like.

  • Fundraising Opportunity: Partner with "Inspired Blessings" Products Online Fundraiser and a donation of each sale will be mailed quarterly  to the organization. 
  • Your organization's logo at top.
  •  Information about your organization and website.
  • Your organization will have a product invoice code at purchase (Example: (JMP) Jean Marie Prince) This will let us know which organization gets the credit.
  • On a quarterly basis, Jean Marie Prince will donate a portion of each sale of "Inspired Blessings" products to the partnering organization.
  • Continual online fundraiser unless notified by organization to end it.
  • We will make a flyer for you to email and for you to print to handout.
  • Organization's requirements: 1) Must put link of organization's "Inspired Blessings" Online Fundraiser on organization's website. 2) Must email flyer to your supporters and hand them out as well. 
  • It will not succeed if no one knows about it. You need to get the word out!
  • If your organization is in Long Island, NY, Jean Marie Prince  maybe willing to do a speaking engagement. 
  • Please email Jean Marie Prince at with your organization's contact information if interested or any questions. 
  • View below an active online fundraiser to get an idea what your organization's online fundraising could look like. 

Thank you for taking the time in considering partnering with "Inspired Blessings" Online Fundraiser!


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