This was the destiny that God put me on. Honestly, I would not have chosen this one if I knew that I was going to be abandoned in a public bathroom at two days old in Seoul, Korea! But now that I have lived out what God had planned for me, I would do it all over again. God had plans for me that I didn’t know just yet!

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God saved me for a purpose; to inspire the world with love, faith and hope!


“Destiny A”


You became a very successful business person without many challenges to make you fail. Your health never lacked because you were blessed. Financially you were able to buy just about anything you wanted. You married the love of your life and you had a great marriage! You had very well behaved children that got full scholarships to the best colleges. You were so proud of them!  Life couldn’t have been any better; you retired with a full pension, and traveled the world with your loving wife. You all lived to a ripe old age and you died in your sleep? You never questioned whether God existed because you never needed His help. You were so full of pride and proud thinking that you achieved all this before your last breath. You never realized that God blessed you with all of this. So you died without faith and never wondered what happened after you die? Your family also learned that they did not need God since you were the head of the household and they were learning from you.  But it was too late when you realized that your trust was in you; instead of God the Creator of you and His Son who loved you so much that He died for your sins. You never got the chance to see the Light while you were living and when you died. The darkness consumed you and the only light you saw was that of burning sulfur. Everything that you possessed in life did pass away without a trace of your existence. The evil one, won your heart over by deceiving you that you did not need a God or a Savior. That life was all about you and how you did it all! Now the pain and torment will never end that you denied Jesus and you will never feel any happiness forever and ever! Mark 10:25 It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.  Do you really have that much faith to trust in yourself and to prove that God is wrong? Pray and ask God to prove himself to you if you doubt Him. In the Bible many people have tested God and God was always been up for the challenge. This is a story of King Nebuchadnezzar>

So I dare you, are you up for the challenge? 



“Destiny B”


You became a semi-successful business person and were given many challenges to try make you fail. Health was an issue at times because of your past family history. Financially there were times; it became hard to provide for your family. You married your childhood sweetheart and the word “divorce” was spoken too many times. Your children had gone off in the wrong direction inhaling chemicals that had caused them some harm. College was not even a thought in their minds. Retirement wasn’t even an option in the latter years because your pension lost its value. Death finally comes knocking before you were able to retire.  But you always had the faith that God was with you through your trials and you had peace that He was going to get you through it. God was faithful with His promises and you saw the blessings. You may never had enough money but you had, just enough.  You lived a lot longer than other family members and you saw that God put the right doctors across your path. You realized that God needed to repair your marriage and so the both of you finally gave your burdens over to Him. The word “divorce” was never spoken again. Your children saw that their life was headed in the wrong direction and they witnessed how God repaired your marriage.  They knew that was a miracle and they wanted that same miracle. So they accepted to believe in the God of the Bible that nothing was impossible for Him. Life had turned around for them and now they put their full trust in Jesus. But before you died you knew that Heaven was real and so was hell. You also knew that Jesus died for your sins so He could give you eternal life of no more pain and no more sorrows. You trusted in Him until the very end. There was no question in your mind what would happen when you died. You had peace to know that you would be with Jesus in Heaven and that the former things of life would pass away. You would be with the Light and the darkness would no longer take hold of you. You knew that Jesus was greater in you than the evil one that rules this world! Now you are in Heaven with the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit and you are their adopted son. Your name was never blotted out in the “Book of Life” because of your trust and faith in Jesus. More Information>   You have inherited the blessings of Heaven that God has poured out for you to receive forever and ever. You are in awe of God and His amazing plan for your eternal life. You are reunited with other family members that also trusted in Jesus. You have never felt so loved before and you are grateful that you chose this destiny. Amen!

Some of you are now living in one of these destinies. Trials in life can actually be a blessing in the long run. There is hope that God can make it better! So it is your choice to choose Destiny A or Destiny B, which one do you think would be good for your family and your soul?

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