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Jean Marie Prince will DONATE a Portion of Every Sale of “Jean Marie Prince Christmas Cards” Box Set, Books and CD Albums” Sold, to March for Life New York” 


What a blessing, your purchase would be

in saving an unborn baby’s life!


Praise God! I was blessed to license 16 of my writings to the Blue Mountain Arts Greeting Cards Company. They will be carrying it across the country in their test stores. Please look for my name and my blue butterfly logo on the back of Blue Mountain card. I would like your support if you could buy a card for a special someone. If they do well, Blue Mountain Arts will then carry them in all their stores. Thank you for your support in advance!


Thank you Mark Koch, an Author, Speaker and a Hollywood Producer for liking “Jean Marie Prince Greeting Cards.” I really appreciated your kind words and an amazing feedback! 

View> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Krhp4dnUS0U&t=5s

 Available on Cable/Altice  and FIos TV Show “Inspired Blessings with Jean Marie Prince,” be inspired!
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March for Life, NY 2017
TV Host Jean Marie Prince
“What Is On Your Mind
About Abortion”

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“Jean Marie Prince Greeting Cards”
Christmas Cards Box Set

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The True Meaning of Christmas in a Card!

6 “Baby Jesus To Be Born” / 6 “Christ Time”
(12 Cards with 12 Envelopes)
Each Card Retails for $5.97 each / $71.64 Box Set


ONLY (USD) Domestic Purchases Available on All Orders

(Plus tax and shipping will be included at the end of the purchase.)


1 – Pack of 12 Cards/12 Envelopes ($35.00)

2 – Packs of 24 Cards/ 24 Envelopes ($70.00)

3- Packs of 36 Cards/ 36 Envelopes ($105.00)

4- Packs of  48 Cards/ 48 Envelopes ($140.00)

5- Packs of  60 Cards/ 60 Envelopes ($175.00)

6- Packs of  72 Cards/ 72 Envelopes ($210.00)

7- Packs of  84 Cards/ 84 Envelopes ($245.00)

8- Packs of  96 Cards/ 96 Envelopes ($280.00)

Jean Marie Prince will DONATE A Portion of Every Sale 
of Book and CD Albums to “March for Life New York”

National Award
“Short Stories 2012”

Abandoned at two days old in a bathroom at a train station in Seoul, Korea. God saved me both physically and spiritually to inspire the world with love, faith and hope!


                                                                                                                        Keep “Inspired Blessings” within arm’s reach, to help give you comfort when others are at a loss for words!

Have you ever lost a loved one and didn’t know how to find peace? Wondered why life is consumed with so much violence and destruction? Asked if God is real and does He provide a meaning for our existence? Do you have the answers for the souls that are searching, or are you searching as well?

Throughout this book, you will see how God has blessed me to be an inspirational writer, read stories of how God saved me both physically and spiritually, and learn the stories behind the forty plus inspirations that are included with over fourteen true stories. I take these four categories: the beginning process of these inspirations; stories behind the inspirations; my life story; true stories from others, and intertwine them throughout the book. You will read about individuals who have witnessed God’s miracles in their lives. The book is meant to flow from front to back, from one inspiration to the next. This is a book of substance, written to help readers face the trials and temptations that await us all! 

Testimonials> https://jeanmarieprince.com/testimonials/
Hard Cover Book

Hard Cover Book “Inspired Blessings” Led by God to Inspire the World with Love, Faith and Hope by Jean Marie

$28.75 USD   

Soft Cover Book

Soft Cover Book “Inspired Blessings” Led by God to Inspire the World with Love, Faith and Hope By Jean Marie Prince

$18.75 USD

Cd Album ‘“Inspired Blessings” Songs’ by Jean Marie Prince

Melodies and Lyrics by Jean Marie Prince

Samples of Songs> https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/jeanmarieprince   “For I Am Not Even Born” Song


First CD Album Purchase at $12.99> 

Cd Album ‘Second “Inspired Blessings” Songs’ by Jean Marie Prince
Melodies and Lyrics by Jean Marie Prince
Samples of Songs> https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/jeanmarieprince2  “My Baby Wasn’t Planned!” Song
Second CD Album Purchase at $12.99>

Thank you for your support!


God Bless





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