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“‘Inspired Blessings’ Led by God to Inspire the World with Love, Faith and Hope” by Jean Marie Prince


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Inspired Blessings” is partnering with different organizations/churches/schools with a continual “Inspired BlessingsPartnering Online Fundraising Program. This is how it would work. If the organization would put on their website, then your supporters can purchase the “Inspired Blessings” book, choice of 100 – (8 x 10 unframed “Inspired Blessings”) inspirational photographed prints and CD Albums”Inspired Blessings” Songs by Jean Marie Prince.  When they go to the “Shop” tab to make their purchase and state the name of your organization (click add) special request box at the end of checkout (Very important: you need to let them know to do that!) then your organization will get the credit. If they want to support your organization, they can give your organization the credit at the end of checkout. Then “Inspired Blessings” will give your organization a donation at the end of the year.  This is a great opportunity as you can see and one of the easiest fundraisers your organization can do! 

For more information please look at this actual link page.> “Ransome Them Home” set up their page with “Inspired Blessings” Online Fundraising Program. Please view> As you can see it is this easy. 

If you want to learn more about “Inspired Blessings” or about author Jean Marie Prince, please go to the website at You will find out about how God saved her when she was two days old and was abandoned in a bathroom in Seoul, Korea. God has given her an amazing purpose to inspire the world with love, faith and hope!

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God has blessed her with a TV Show called “‘Inspired Blessingswith Jean Marie Prince” that airs all throughout Long Island, NY. You can go to the website for more information. 

Your organization can view the contract form, the “‘Inspired Blessings’ Partnering Fundraiser Program.” Please click here> Launch PDF file.

If your organization is interested in the Inspired Blessings” Partnering Online Fundraising Program or other Offline Fundraising Programs, please e-mail You can decide on the venue for this fundraising event or “Inspired Blessings” can give you some other ideas as well. 


God Bless,

Jean Marie Prince

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