9) Blessed Presence

A great gift for the special people in your life!


Do You Have A Rare Jewel In Your Company?


My blogs addresses about living life and that has many aspects intertwined throughout the day.  This is something that I feel that I need to share. If you are an employer, may you truly see the blessings of a hard working employee.  Counting on them is a given, enthusiasm is always welcomed, taking your advice to heart, being proud of the company that they are representing, making each goal come to fruition, and many more attributes to claim. When you truly know that they go above and beyond, then you know that you got a rare jewel.

Lately, I have seen and known some of those rare jewels. They have not been given the recognition that they deserve. Their hearts have been hurt, disappointed and their enthusiasm has dwindled.  Now they are searching for a better opportunity, to be recognized for their efforts, not to be taken for granted, and a company that they can be proud of once again. Their employers will be shocked that they are going to be choosing a different path! So I am writing this to the employers that have this special rare jewel in your company. Seek them, recognize them, do not take advantage of them, and let them truly know how much of an asset they are to you and your company. I think you should watch “Undercover Boss” on OWN because you could learn on how to improve your relationship skills with your employees. They have learned not to take for granted their hard workers in their company. These employees that were recognized for their efforts will now even work harder than they did before.  This is a win win situation for all involved! So this is a heads up for the employers, don’t be foolish to lose those rare jewels!


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