Visions For “Inspired Blessings

and God Heard My Request, Praise Him!



Vision: “Inspired Blessings” Speaking Engagements… 


My passion is to speak of God’s love and truth for you. Also to share my testimony of how I was saved both physically and spiritually. There are many people that feel lost, or hurt, or hopeless and maybe even wondering; why am I here! Please give me the opportunity to share what God has led me to write and to inspire the world with love, faith and hope!


Vision: “Inspired Blessings” Songs… 

In 1998 when God blessed me with my first inspiration, I was blessed with melodies along with it. Then it continued for another three to four years with more inspirations and melodies. There is one in particular that I favor which is called “My Life Is In Your Hands” which is my testimony.” I have been praying that God will provide the way for Christian artists to make them into songs.


Update: Praise God, He answered my prayer! “Inspired Blessings” Songs by Jean Marie Prince CD Albums was released on June 5, 2015 and April 2017, thank you God!


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CD Album "Inspired Blessings" Songs by Jean Marie Prince

2015 CD Album “Inspired Blessings” Songs by Jean Marie Prince

                                                                                            2017  Pending CD Album Back Cover for ‘Second “Inspired Blessings” Songs’ by Jean Marie Prince                                                                                                                                                                  Click to view>       



Vision: “Jean Marie Prince” Greeting Card Line… 


I use to make my own cards that had my inspirations on it. I also sold them at craft stores and some greeting card stores. I had people that would tell me that they would frame it because of the inspiration. In my book I tell three true stories of how my inspirations mended three relationships. One was between a mother and daughter who had not spoken to each other for eight years. The mother had bought my cards and mailed them to her daughter in California. It had mended their relationship and the daughter was so touched with my inspirations. She had called me and wanted to market my inspirations for manufacturers to market. At that time this was all new to me so I turned down the offer. The other two true stories also had a happy ending. I am so grateful that God blessed my inspirations to help others. I had gotten prices to make my own greeting card line. I was not able to afford the huge order that I would need to submit to keep the cost down. I came up with the greeting card design and so far I have not seen anything like it out there. It will be unique and you will know that it is “Inspired Blessings.” God has blessed me with over 100 inspirations. So I am putting this out there if you know of anyone interested in speaking to me about a greeting card line, please have them contact me at

There are many other products lines that can be made with my inspirations and I pray that God will either provide the way or have someone contact me with the help! 


                                                             As of 2017 this is a new update: I decided to make my own “Jean Marie Prince” Greeting Card line.

    Still open for a greeting card company to contact me so we can reach a larger audience! 

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I have been blessed to license 16 of my inspirations to the Blue Mountain Arts Greeting Cards Company.  It should be available in some of their stores throughout the United States by 2018. Please look for the name Jean Marie Prince and the blue butterfly logo on the back of their cards. If the cards are successful, Blue Mountain Arts will then have them available in all of their stores. I want to thank you in advance for any support, very much appreciated! 
Thank you Mark Koch, an Author, Speaker and a Hollywood Producer for liking “Jean Marie Prince Greeting Cards.” I really appreciated your kind words and an amazing feedback! 
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Smithtown News did a nice article about “Jean Marie Prince Greeting Card,” thank you! > 


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