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My name is Jean Marie Prince, and God has blessed me in many ways throughout my life. When I was only two days old, I was abandoned in a bathroom in Seoul, Korea. I believe it was only through the grace of God that I was found and taken to Holt Orphanage. I lived my first five years there and was adopted by an American family. Now, my husband Mark and I are blessed to have two beautiful children of our own, Chelsea and Dylan.

God has blessed me in many other amazing ways. Among them is the ability to be an inspirational author of poetry and lyrics. With His help, I have written over one hundred different inspirational writings with no formal writing experience or training. That could only be possible because God has blessed me with the gift to write! Throughout the writing process, God’s power has been revealed to me. In the past, stores in the United States sold my framed inspirations. But after the events of September 11th, I had to put things on hold. Now, I feel that it is the right time for this, and I cannot imagine what God has waiting around the corner!

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These inspirations come from my heart, from my experiences, and from the experiences of the people around me. Each inspiration is special in its own way, and covers everything from lighthearted topics to deep, pondering reflections. “Inspired Blessings” was written as a result of God’s work in my life. I was led by God to inspire the world with love, faith and hope. I hope you will see the blessings that God has bestowed upon me. He uses me, an average mother of two, for an extraordinary purpose. I have seen these inspirations touch people’s hearts, bring them to tears, mend relationships and give them hope. God willing, you will see the purpose He has given me, and help me continue to inspire the world with love, faith and hope!








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