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Volume 4 – Inspired!

Inspired by the Power of God
Let Faith Become a Reality in Your Life!

Unframed 8 x 10 Prints

5 – As I See (God’s Beautiful World)
15 – Christ—Time (Christmas)
37 – If I Were Jesus
36 – I Was Naive To Not Believe
40 – Jesus You’re My Inspiration
88 – The Fullness Of God
101 – What Is The Purpose
109 – You Are The Light
110 – You Are The Word That Became The Flesh
112 – In Jesus’ Name
116 – Baby Jesus To Be Born


101) What Is The Purpose
101 – What Is The Purpose

What Is The Purpose
For which we live on Earth?
It was God’s will
To give us life.
Without Him,
We would never have existed.
Because He first loved us,
He chose to give us
Our own free will
To choose the Light,
Who is Jesus Christ,
The Son of God,
The Savior of the world,…

$15.00 USD

15) Christ Time
15 – Christ Time

Christmas is Christ time
All over the world.
We celebrate Jesus’ birth
And raise Him up to be glorified.
Christ is worthy of praise;
He gave His Holy Spirit
That we might have eternal life in Him.
If it were not for the Father
Who sent Him down to us,
We would have no Savior
To claim for our very own
To keep us from the Evil One.
We will rejoice with gladness…

$15.00 USD

36) I Was Naive To Not Believe
36 – I Was Naïve To Not Believe

I was naïve not to believe
That You are the Christ.
This world is blinded from the truth,
That You are the Son of God.
But the believers,
Who accept Your word,
Know the holy truth
That was written through the Holy Spirit,
And inspired by You, Lord.
So, nonbelievers, open your eyes.
Don’t shut Jesus from your heart
Because judgment day will be here.
Don’t let it be too late;
Don’t die by the law….

$15.00 USD

37) If I Were Jesus
37 – If I Were Jesus

If I were Jesus,
And looking through His eyes,
I’m sure I would be very sad inside
Knowing that nonbelievers
Are rejecting me.
He sees that they are
Searching for something else.
Still . . . He knows why
He paid the price.
Let us receive His gift—
His heart will rejoice
To see that His death was not in vain,
But for you….

$15.00 USD

40) Jesus, You're My Inspiratio
40 – Jesus, You’re My Inspiration

Jesus, You’re my inspiration.
You showed me
Your walk so long ago.
You showed me
How kind You are,
How loving You can be,
And how many times You’ve forgiven me.
You were so kind to sinners,
You were there to help the needy,
And You showed us how special we are.
That is why I want to be
Just like You…

$15.00 USD

5) As I See
5 – As I See

As I see the waters flow in the ocean,
As I see the mountains touch the sky,
As I see the birds fly over me,
I can’t help but think of You, God.

How wonderful You are
To give me a beautiful scene.
How amazing You are
That You created this for me.
As I feel the sun warm my face,
As I see it gives me light,
As it makes me think of Jesus,
And I know He warms my soul…

$15.00 USD

88) The Fullness Of God
88 – The Fullness Of God

How wide and long,
And high and deep,
Is the love
Of Christ for you!
It is wide like the horizon;
It is long like the rainbow;
It is high like the mountains;
It is deep like the sea.
How could you receive the fullness of His love…

$15.00 USD


109 – You Are The Light

You are the Light
That shines in me.
Greater are You
Who lives in me!
I am in awe of You.
Your power is so mighty,
Your miracles are amazing,
The healings are so many.
Creating nature for eyes to see,
The splendor of Your majesty….

$15.00 USD

110 – You Are The Word That Became The Flesh 

Jesus, O’ Jesus,
You are the Word that became the flesh
Here on earth to die for us
And to give us salvation.
You were here from creation
With our Heavenly Father
Preparing Your Kingdom
For those who would believe
That you died for our sins
And made us pure with Your Blood.
Death has no hold on us,
Evil will not be entertained,
Condemnation has been paid.
 Sin is no longer our judgement,
Our bondage has been ripped apart,
 Hell will no longer prevail!…

$15.00 USD

112 – In Jesus’ Name

In Jesus’ name,
I want to thank you
For all Your blessings.
Sometimes I’m not worthy,
But only You know,
Oh, how I feel Your grace upon me.
Why do You love me so much?
What have I done to earn it?
How can I be worthy of such a blessing?
I feel so worthless in Your eyes!
Is it true
You are really the only way,
You’re the only path that leads to life?
You died for me because You loved me.

$15.00 USD

116 – Baby Jesus To Be Born

There is excitement in the air,
With joy increasing everywhere,
Baby Jesus to be born,
On this Christmas day to unfold!
His mother Mary saw an angel
Who told her to rejoice,
The Lord is with you
To bear His only begotten Son.
Mary wondered, how could this be
Since she was a virgin and fourteen!
Only a miracle could happen
That she could give birth to Jesus Christ.
Angels from above watching with joy
While shepherds below traveling on the way
In anticipation for the Savior’s birth
To see Jesus wrapped in love!…

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