All Photographs are original pictures taken by Jean Marie Prince. Watermarks are only on the prints for viewing and to prevent from copying them. 

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Volume 1 – Touched by Love!

Touched by Love in Many Different Ways
Let Your Heart be Open to Embrace Love!

Unframed 8 x 10 Prints

12 – Celebration Of Love (Anniversary)
33 – God’s Tender Care (Wedding)
51 – Love Of My Life (Husband or Wife)
79 – Renewing Of The Hearts (Renewing Vows)
24 – Engagement—The Promise To Love
47 – Life Gave Me Something Unexpected (You!)
7 – Blended Family Unity
20 – Embraced By Love

20) Embraced By Love
20 – Embraced By Love

When you are embraced by love, it touches you within the core of your heart,
Deeper and sharper in the crevasse of your soul and spirit,
Releasing to the surface, emotions that were never revealed,
And exposing a side of you that you never thought you possessed…

$15.00 USD

12) Celebration Of Love
12 – Celebration Of Love

Many years ago you both said
“I do,”
Making a commitment
To be there for one another,
Thinking life would be a delight
With your love by your side.
Now you have lived the reality,
Dealing with the ways of the world,
Going through the hard times;
And handling them with tender love and care…

$15.00 USD

24) Engagement~ The Promise To
24 – Engagement – The Promise To Love

Always remember this moment in your lives,
And never forget
The endless love you are feeling today for one another
And how you showed it for all to see.
You have chosen each other from the desires of your hearts.
By getting engaged, you are making the commitment
That you want to be with one another forever…

$15.00 USD

33) God's Tender Care
33 – God’s Tender Care

As you are exchanging your marriage vows
On this important day of your lives,
May the Lord bless you in so many ways.
Let His light shine in your home
In ways you have never known…

$15.00 USD

47) Life Gave Me Something Unex
47 – Life Gave Me Something Unexpected

When you entered my life it was totally unexpected,
But, then there was something in me that was missing-
A feeling of emptiness in my heart and the desire to be loved.
I did not realize this until you filled me
With your unconditional love, caring words, and your gentle ways.
Was this by chance or orchestrated by our Creator?…

$15.00 USD

51) Love Of My Life
51 – Love Of My Life

It isn’t hard for me to believe I have loved you for so long.
From the first time we kissed and when we said “I do,”
My life was given a purpose. I knew what I longed to do—
To love you with all my heart and soul
And to be always by your side through the many challenges
We would endure in our lifetime…

$15.00 USD

7) Blended Family Unity
7 – Blended Family Unity

When you see what defines a family of today,
It makes you realize things have changed from the past.
Having one mother and one father is not always the norm,
Yet families today are still reaching to have
The same unity we had in the past.
There are also families that have married into each other
And because of that they may be doubly blessed.
It will not be easy…

$15.00 USD

79) Renewing Of The Hearts
79 – Renewing Of The Hearts

Sometimes in life,
There are happy events that are celebrated
With such love and joy that they truly touch many hearts,
As when a husband and wife renew their vows.
Reconfirming your love for each other
In the presence of family and friends,
Makes this occasion even more special…

$15.00 USD

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